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Diets Plan for PCOD

Diets Plan for PCOD


PCOD is modern lifestyle disorder very common in young women these days. Obesity and PCOD are interrelated. Main symptoms of PCOD are irregular periods, weight gain, difficulty in conceiving etc.

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According to Dr Anjana Kalia,ladies diagnosed with PCOD having difficulty in conceiving must go for healthy weight loss diet plan. Loosing weight is important part of line of treatment.

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When you consult with us, we make sure that you get proper nutrition along with weight loss which increases chances of your pregnancy. What you have to do is to just follow our diet plan for PCOD and have trust in us that you are going to work with someone who has treated many such cases who are enjoying the happy motherhood.

What to eat?

For an Ideal breakfast, you can club a part of any cereal such as wheat flakes, oats, milk of low fat and a fruit. The important thing to keep in mind is to have lots of fluid and low calorie snacks in the whole day. Some of the examples of low calorie snack channa, Fruits, Sprouts etc. Avoid junk food, Packaged food, fast foods totally. Always try to have a cup of soup on a daily basis. Our diet plan for PCOD is inundated with these ideas. Do visit us as we are the foremost Ayurvedic service provider in New Delhi, India.

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Post Pregnancy Diet Plan

Starting a Post Pregnancy diet Plan too soon after giving birth, can delay your recovery and make you feel more tired and this would be not good for you at all as you will be needing a great amount of energy to adjust to the daily life routine with your newborn. We are the reputed Ayurvedic service provider in India backed by our office in New Delhi.
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