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About Me

Dr Anjana's Experiance

Dr Anjana Kalia is an expert in the area of weight loss and management. She has been actively working in the area of Nutrition based on blood type and Ayurvedic physical constitution (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) since 2003. She wants to promote the benefits of Ayurveda for the good health. She has been one of the top 10 leading  dieticians in India

Ancient Ayurveda

She strongly believes that our ancient science has given us a lot in form of Ayurveda which gives us a framework for healthy lifestyle. By following the simple principles of Ayurveda we can not only prevent many lifestyle related diseases but also can have great medical improvement in diseases like diabetes, hypertension, PCOD, obesity, high cholesterol etc. She also provides various diet plans for the disorders like diabetes.

Ayurveda- A boon from nature

Nature has given us a boon of health named the Ayurveda. Ayurveda for the better health has been coveted by us all. But because of the pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and no routine in the sleeping pattern, we are just not capable to achieve that health. We provide you several diet plans that would aid you in weight loss and give many other benefits as well.


The word “Ayurveda” is a combination of two words: Ayu means ‘life’ and Veda means ‘knowledge’. Therefore, Ayurveda is to create a long and healthy life. The science of Ayurveda has evolved from the thoughtful minds of ancient sages for the intention to heal the world. Dr. Anjana Kalia is a renowned Ayurvedic service provider in India and has established her Ayurvedic preventive health Clinic in Dwarka, New Delhi.


Ayurveda today is getting more prevalent and is more relevant now than ever before. Dr. Anjana Kalia is set on a mission to spread the awareness and use this ancient knowledge of Ayurveda for living the life to the fullest.According to Ayurveda preventive health should be top most priority.Preventive health not only help saving huge money and time but also helps us fulfill our purpose of life.


Ayurveda leads us to the well and healthy aura which incorporates good mental health and it gives an experience of joy. A balanced health depends upon various factors including diet, sleep, yoga and meditation, intake of rasayana and spiritual healing which includes chanting hymns, Yagya etc. Diet plays a very important role. In fact, diet in itself is a ‘Medicine’. It determines the state of mind as well as the consciousness of the body.

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